Aluminium Catamaran GSC 105

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  • Length: 10,50m

  • Beam: 3,58 M

  • Weight w/o engine: 3500 kg

  • Power range: 300hp to 600hp

  • Number of passengers: 12

  • Plate thickness: bottom/side 5/6/8 mm

  • Fuel tank: 2 x 350 L

  • CE-approval: C


About the boat

GSC 105 is aluminium catamaran or in other words, a workboat dedicated for particular service. It can either be built as a service vessel for sea transfers, fish-farming, rescue or research purpose. As the interior is spacious any type of equipment can be installed. Boat's value matters on a client needs and the necessary equipment to be installed.

GSC 105
GSC 105

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